Essentially parts from Measuring and Music, Chapter 23,
The Oldest Magic

Copyright (C) 1992

When Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit first devised the temperature scale we commonly use in this country, he chose his scale so that the temperature of water freezing was 32 degrees and that of the human body 96 degrees.   Most men of science or influence have had ties with groups that wish to keep close to the traditions of the past.   In fact, these groups are pledged to keep the old wisdom alive even though the means by which this is done is not very obvious to the majority of the populace.   So Fahrenheit's scale was modified to what we have today.   The freezing point of water is still 32 degrees.   However, the boiling point is 212 degrees, and the temperature of the human body is 98.6 degrees.

The range between freezing and boiling is 180 degrees which is easily divisible by many numbers, and is like half a year or half a cycle (a full year or cycle is 360 degrees).   One temperature cycle would be from freezing to boiling and back to freezing (360 degrees total) just as one yearly cycle is from the winter solstice to the summer solstice and back again for a full revolution of 360 degrees.   Water is the key to life on this planet.   This is the water planet and without it we could not ever have come into being.   So the number 32 is one that will reduce to five, the number of life.   The boiling point of water, 212 degrees also reduces to five for the same reason.   The human body temperature then becomes 98.6 degrees, so that the span from freezing to the human body temperature is 66.6 degrees, which hints very stongly at the number 666.

Eight is the number of the Hebrew verb, "to love", and the number of *sabbats in the old **pagan year.   The extension of 8 is 36, which is the number of decanates in the zodiac, the basic number of degrees in the angles of the pentagram, and a shortcut way to say 360 which is the number of degrees in circle or in one revolution of the earth about the sun.   The extension of 36 is 666.   This fact means something very important and helpful to those who know the real meaning of 666.   For those deliberately forced to remain ignorant by a bookburning, murdering religious heirarchy, this fact means something entirely erroneous and misleading.

*Sabbats are times of showing and celebrating love to the Creator in the Creator's many guises.

**Pagan meaning someone who is not a Christian according to the current definition of "Christian".