Eden, the garden of pleasantness, is a word which, in Hebrew, totals 124.   This number has multiple meanings, one of which is to describe a mathematical series based upon doublings.   One, two, and four are the first three numbers of a series in which each succeeding number is a doubling.   Doubling one gives you two, and doubling two gives you four.   The next number in the series is the doubling of four which is eight.   The Hebrew word for garden reduces to eight and is set apart to emphasize its magical qualities (the number linking man to the Eternal).

This type of series describes population growth, the frequency relationships of succeeding musical octaves, and other interesting phenomena.   The ancient peoples were well aware of the fast growth that comes with doubling.   The chess board of 64 squares is a example of doubling and a small universe of eight squares to a side (8x8=64).   The number 64 is the seventh in the doubling series of 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, and so on.   Such chess boards are so old that no one really knows from whence they came. And the old story of the choice in rewards may not be much younger.

It seems that a local ruler offered, as a reward, a choice of two bags of gold versus an amount of grain to be determined as follows.   One grain would be placed upon the first square of a chess board.   Two would be placed on the second square, four on the third, eight on the fourth, and so on, doubling the amount with each square until all 64 squares were used.   The grain was chosen as the reward and the amount turned out to be more than could be found in the kingdom.

This doubling series was probably first discovered to apply to music and, particularly, to octaves when it was found that strings and woodwinds go up an octave when their lengths are halved.   Today, we know that the old musical scale had a middle C with a frequency of about 256, and that 41 doublings above it is the color we call green in the electromagnetic spectrum.   The number for this frequency of color is so large that I am not going to write it here.

Suffice to say, it is important that we consider the frequencies of sight and sound as we study astrology because recent research on the Siberian hamster has disclosed that this rodent loses its cycle sensitivity when the nerves between its pineal gland and its hypothalamus are cut.   This could furnish us with a clue to our own more sophisticated mechanism for cycle sensing, the study of which we call "astrology".   Since our eyes, ears, and pineal all feed into the optic thalami by one means or another, it is logical to conclude that all three are cycle-sensing mechanisms.

Eden was surrounded by four rivers and three lands.   You may ask "How can there be a river where there is no land?"   You will see the answer soon.   The first land mentioned, Havilah, has a sum of 64.   This is the land to the north, the land of abundance and wealth, encircled by the river Pishon, the land where there is gold which is good, the land of beryllium and onyx stone.   What better number for such a land than 64, the seventh number of the series of abundance and fast growth, and the square of eight?

Havilah is a word derived from a root word which means "to be sweet" or "to be pleasant".   Pishon, the name of the river which "encircles the whole land of Havilah" (strange how a river can encircle a land), is derived from a root meaning "to spread out", "to thrive", or "to grow fat".

The number 64 reduces first to 10 and then to one (6+4=10, 1+0=1) and it is the number of the first land to be mentioned.   Cush, 326, the second land mentioned reduces to two (3+2+6=11, 1+1=2), and Ashur, 507, the third land mentioned, reduces to three (5+0+7=12, 1+2=3).

The rivers mentioned, in order, are Pishon (446), Gihon (77), Hiddekel (142), and Euphrates (680).   Pishon in the north reduces to five (4+4+6=14, 1+4=5), Gihon in the south reduces to five (7+7=14, 1+4=5), Euphrates in the west reduces to five (6+8+0=14, 1+4=5), and Hiddekel in the east reduces to seven (1+4+2=7).   Note that three of the rivers reduce to five which shows a similarity that might, perhaps, have been intended.   But one reduces to seven instead.   If we sum the fives and seven, we have 22.

In ancient times, pi was closely approximated by the fraction 22/7.   Pi is the relationship of the circumference of a circle to its diameter.   So 22 became a shorthand way to say "the circumference of a circle" and 7 became a shorthand way to say "the diameter of a circle".   Circle, in turn, is a shorthand way of saying zodiac and also the Eternal (God).   This is not saying that anyone believed that the Eternal is the zodiac.   It is a way of saying that the Eternal acts by means of the zodiac.   So the summing of the reductions to 22 relates to the circumference of a circle about Eden and the odd 7 in the east signifies the diameter of a circle which would have to move from east to west if it starts in the east.   Zodiac more often than not refers to time in ancient shorthand.   In those times, a sign was the same as saying a month because sign and month were the same.   This is why the luminaries in Genesis were said to be for signs, seasons, days, and years.   You don't see months because they were covered under "signs".   With the circle referring to time, the diameter refers to the direction of time which is east to west as the sun and all other time-measuring heavenly bodies move.   This means that east is the direction of beginning.

The sum of all the rivers is 1,345 (446+77+142+680=1,345).   This number is the product of 5 and 269.   As nine drops out in any reduction process, it can be ignored in a number.   So 269 can be considered synonymous with 26.   And now we have 5 (humanity) and 26 (the Eternal) as partners watering Eden.

You may have noticed that the reductions of the river names to five were all by means of 14.   Fourteen is twice seven and, if we add all the fourteens to the seven in the east, we have 49 which is 7 times 7.   And 49 reduces to 13, the radius of the circle about the pentagram and half of 26.

The sum of all the lands is 897 (64+326+507=897) which reduces to six via 24 (8+9+7=24, 2+4=6).   The number 24 is the product of factorial four (1x2x3x4=24).   It is also six (perfection) times four (order).   And it is three (trinity) times eight (linking of man and the Eternal).   The extension of 24 is 300 which reduces to 3.

The number 24 is mentioned in Revelation 4:4 as the number of elders about the throne.   In front of the throne is the zodiac symbolically given as the four animals of the fixed signs: the lion (Leo), the calf (Taurus), the man (Aquarius), and the eagle (Scorpio).   The thunderings, lightnings, and noises from the throne are the electromagnetic vibrations that affect us at our respective centers.   The seven spirits are the archetypal centers corresponding to those described in yoga and in western occultism.   Very likely, the 24 elders represent the 24 hours in a day which is a poetic way of alluding to light and dark forces of the zodiac (see the book of tokens by Paul Foster Case, page 190).

The number 897 is very special in that it is the product of 3, 13, and 23.   Here we have three numerical generations of 3 separated by 10 (3+10=13, 13+10=23).   Note also that 3+13+23=39 which equals 3x13.

The two lands diametrically opposite sum to 390 when taken together (326+64) which is the product of 3, 13, and 10; 2, 5, 13, and 3; or 3, 5, and 26.   If we ignore the zero in 390, we have 3x13 or three thirteens.   Another way to see this sum is 15 times 26.   Fifteen is the extension of five and 26 is the Eternal or the diameter of the circle about the pentagram.

The first river, Pishon, 446, from a root word meaning "to thrive", encircles the whole of the land of Havilah to the north of Eden.   Everything said about this river and this land connotes abundance and wealth.   It is an area of invitation which invites humanity out of Eden and helps him NOT to be forever living in the protected area.   As previously mentioned, 446 reduces to 5.   It is the product of 2 and 223.   The number 2 reduces to 2 as it cannot be reduced further than it already is.   The number 223 reduces to 7.   The 2 and 7 seem to reinforce the 14 that comes from the reduction of 446 (14 is 2x7).

The second river, Gihon, 77, from a root word meaning "to rush forth", encircles the land of Cush to the south of Eden.   The number 77 reduces to 5 and is product of 7 and 11.   Eleven reduces to 2, and 7 can be reduced no further than 7.   This is the same as what occurs with the river Pishon, the diametrically opposite river.

The name Cush is derived from a root word meaning "terror".   A land with fearful aspect and river meaning to rush forth would denote a punishing side of things, indeed a diametric opposite from the friendly, inviting, northern land.   Such a land as Cush would repel mankind and cause him to move northward from Eden.   So both the north and south areas would tend to move a complacent humanity.

The third river, Hiddekel, 142, from a root word meaning "to sting" or "to be sharp", runs eastward of Ashur.   Ashur comes from the same root as does Asher, meaning "to direct aright".   The sun moves from east to west to depict the hours of the day, so east represents mankind's past and west represents his future.   The past directs us aright by allowing us to use experience in choosing.   The past often stings us to make us better our efforts; and the planets, all moving from east to west, act as barbs to prod us forward in time.

The number 142 reduces to seven and it is the product of 71 and 2.   Two has been discussed and 71 reduces to 8.   Almost the same pattern exists for the river in the west (diametrically opposite).   Euphrates, the western river, is 680 which reduces to 5 (this is like the rivers of the north and south).   It is the product of 2 taken 3 times (which is another way to say 8), 17, and 5.   Seventeen reduces to 8 and 5 can be reduced no further, so now we have the following river pattern:


Pishon = 446 reduces to 14 reduces to 5
Product of: 2 and 223
2 reduces to 2       2223 reduces to 7

WEST                                                             EAST
Euphrates = 680 reduces to 14 reduces to 5                 Hiddekel = 142 reduces to 7
Product of: 2 taken 3 times, same as 8,                         Product of: 2 and 71
5, and 17             
2 reduces to 2, 5 to 5, and 17 to 8                               2 reduces to 2, 71 to 8

Gihon = 77 reduces to 14 reduces to 5
Product of: 11 and 7
11 reduces to 2       7 reduces to 7

Note the similarities in opposing sets of numbers and frequent uses of 5, 7, 14, 2, 1, and 8.   In the first reduction of the rivers we have 14+14+14+7=49.   The sum, 49, is 7x7.   In the second reduction we have 5+5+5+7=22 and 22 reduces to 4.   If 22/7 is pi, which is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, then we can say that the number for the circumference is 22, the number for the diameter is 7, the radius is 7/2, and the radius squared is 49/4.   Then 49/4 times 22/7 must equal the radius squared times pi which is the formula for the area of a circle.

So, to review, first we had the words "encircled" for the north and south rivers.   Then we had 22/7 as a hint of a circle.   next we see 49/4 times 22/7 as radius squared times pi for the area of a circle.   These are confirming hints that circles are being discussed.   And to give us the final confirmation that 49/4 times 22/7 is the proper relationship of the numbers involved, we can solve this equation literally and get 38.5 as the answer.   A square (hinted at by 64 as the northern land) inscribed within our circle will have and area of 24.5 (this is the product of 7 times the square root of 2 times itself).   If we subtract 24.5 from 38.5, we have precisely 14 which is hinted at in the first reduction of the three rivers.   This seems to confirm the radius squared pi theory and definitely confirms that the circle is intended as a shape.

The pattern for lands is:

Havilah = 64 which is 8x8 or 2 to the 6th power
reduces to 10 and then to 1

WEST                                                             EAST
                  No Land                                         Ashur = 507 which is 3x13x13
                                                                                       reduces to 12 and then 3

Cush = 326 which 163x2
reduces to 11 and then 2

Note that we have similar patterns again and no land in the west because the future is never set until it has become the past (the present is a dimensionless point between the past and the future at which the future becomes the past).   Also note that Cush equals 326 which is 300 (extension of 24) and 26.

According to the old Hebrews, mankind moves always to the north, pushed by a threat in the south and drawn by a promise in the north.   Mankind also moves west away from his past and toward his future.   His overall direction is then represented as northwest.

The last river, the water of subconsciousness to which time is no barrier, is called Euphrates and its Hebrew root word means "to be fruitful" or "to break in pieces".   Man has been fruitful and humanity has become many pieces since the words of Genesis were written.

Astrology is probably a consequence of cycle-sensitivity taken to its most sophisticated form.   And cycle-sensitivity is a consequence of evolution.   The animal which survives best as a social being in a primate society which mimics an ecology is one which has a force to move it "out of Eden".   The Eternal, the God of the Hebrews, was thought to be the principle behind the force behind ongoing evolution.   This force, acting sometimes as fear (Cush) and other times as desire for wealth and security (Havilah) is also a force closely linked to time.   The planetary movements depict the passage of time, and time cannot be passing unless the planets move in their courses.   Astrology is the study of the force which makes man leave Eden.   Indeed, man's sensitivity to this force is the cause of his development and will ultimately result either in his extinction or his growth to near perfection.

And now we can look at the double extension of eight.   Eight extends to 36 (1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8=36) and 36 extends to 666 (the beast in Revelation 13:18).   As 36 is the extension of 8, it is the consequence of 8.   Eight is the link between the Eternal (God) and mankind,   In Hebrew, the phrase "by his power" and the word "tabernacle" both sum to 36.   Tabernacle means the human body or the dwelling place of the Most High.   The human body is sensitive to the astrological mechanism.   So the human body or tabernacle is a consequence of the link between the Eternal and mankind, and the beast is a consequence of both the tabernacle and the link.   Recently, it was discovered that cycle-sensitivity in the Siberian hamster was lost when the nerves between the pineal gland and hypothalamus were cut.   We have a more sophisticated mechanism of this type in our human bodies.

In the earth plane, we are encased in tabernacles or bodies which respond to the mechanism of the zodiac which operates "by His power".   We operate in this fashion in a state of numbness and severe ignorance until we can perceive what is causing our daily moods and events.   This long awaited perception or realization of the true cause allows us to tame our beasts or make them respond to our true desires.

The extension of 36, the number of the beast, 666, is really a reference to the combination of the zodiac mechanism and its influence upon the body to make what is termed "the beast".   Taming the beast is accomplished through wisdom or understanding of what it is and how to use it effectively.   As in all things, education is the key.

This "beast" is a driving force like the engine in your car.   When properly understood and controlled, it is a source of excellence.   When uncontrolled, it can be like riding a tiger with no bridle.   Learning astrology and knowing how your own beast operates is moving in the right direction and leading up to your taming of the beast.   Needless to say, when it states in Revelation (Lamsa translation) "Here is wisdom: Let him who has understanding decipher the code number of the beast; for it is the code number of the name of a man", the name of the man (or woman) is your own.

And now that the meaning of 666 has been at least partly explained, we can look at how it is used in the Eden myth.   The sum of the north and the east rivers (446+142) is 588.   This sum (588) subtracted from 666 is 78, and 78 is the extension of 12.   Twelve is the number of signs in the zodiac (new moons in year) and the number of pitches (frequency classifications) in our musical scale.   The sum of the south and west rivers (680+77) is 757.   When we subtract 666 from 757, we have 91 which is the extension of 13.   Thirteen is the number of sidereal passages of the moon is one year, a full octave in our musical scale, and the number of desire or emotion (Hebrew love/hate spectrum).

So, as man moves from southeast to northwest, he has 12 on one side (northeast) and 13 on the other (southwest).   Twelve is the cause of 78 which, when added to the local subconsciousness (two rivers) results in the beast (666).   In other words, the consequences of the yearly cycles (astrological mechanism) plus the soul memory results in the beast.   Thirteen is the symbol for the next higher octave (cycle) or the first part of the next level of human development.   The consequence or the extension of 13 which is 91, when added to the beast, results in what is gained in the advanced or next highest level (next cycle).   We see the same reflection when we take the sum of all the rivers, 1345, and add Eden, 124, to it for a new sum of 1469 which is 13x113 (common 13 becomes "super" 13).   And if we subtract 666 twice from 1345, we have 13 again.

Remember that 13 is the number of desire (the love/hate spectrum in Hebrew).   It is desire that the mechanism of the zodiac creates in us and it is the fulfillment of desire that helps to create new desires or to give us a new direction when taken along with the current vibrations from the zodiac upon us.   Each new cycle sees us with new desires.   Sometimes, the frustration of unfulfilled old desires can lead to a negative or base set of desires.   This creates the "bad" connotation of the beast.   But even then, it is up to us to turn the beast into something positive for our use.   We need a well-behaved beast to power our vehicle just as well-behaved horses are needed for carriages.

The three lands about Eden have names whose sums reduce to 10, 11, and 12 in consecutive order as they are mentioned.   On the second reduction they become 1, 2, and 3.   The sum of the numbers of the first reduction is 33.   The sum of the numbers of the second reduction is 6.   This is a reminder that 1+2+3=6 and 1x2x3=6.   This is why the Hebrews considered 6 to be the perfect number.

The sums 6 (second reduction of the lands) and 22 (second reduction of the rivers) add up to 28.   The sums 33 (first reduction of the lands) and 49 (first reduction of the rivers) add up to 82.   This reversal of the digits 2 and 8 is what happens when first and second reductions are summed.   Two and 8 reduce first to 10 and then to 1.

The sums 33 (first reduction of the lands) and 22 (second reduction of the rivers) add up to 55 which is the 10th number in the phi (life) series, the 10th number in the extensions, the extension of 10, and a number which reduces to 10 and then to 1.   Ten is the base of the Hebrew number system.   It was attributed to Yod, the single flame in Hebrew alphabet from which all other letters are formed.   One is the concept of overall unity, the idea that all is really One.

The numbers 22, 33, and 55 are all multiples of 11.   This is an interesting number as its extension is 66 which is 6 times 11 and reduces to 12.   Eleven is the first number of a new numerical cycle.   With 6 as the perfect number and 11 as the new cycle, perhaps 66 is meant to connote the perfect cycle or the cycle of completion.

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