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In 2013 a new book on the lost continent of Atlantis was published.   It was written by Peter Daughtrey who is uniquely qualified due to his location, his methodical and careful detective work, and his superb writing ability.   His book has the title, ATLANTIS and the Silver City.   Peter Daughtrey has undoubtedly discovered where Atlantis was, where its colonies were, how it was destroyed, and much more.

Supposedly, Atlantis is the source material for most of the information carried today by schools whose teachers have been forced to remain underground.   According to Plato, it was destroyed in about 9600 BC by several huge earthquakes and tsunamis. There were survivors who passed down much of its scientific knowldedge and its wisdom.

To date, I have discovered only one small omission in Daughtrey's book that is due to insufficient knowledge of astronomy, or perhaps he did not connect the correct dots when he wrote the book.   On page 80 of chapter 9, he quotes from his research regarding a time interval: "...that the sun had changed its usual position several times within this period, twice setting where it usually rises and twice rising where it usually sets."   This was a puzzling statement that he found, and he was strongly questioning its validity.   Actually, there is nothing unusual about this if one understands more about astronomy.   In fact, the statement serves to substantiate his timeline.

The earth is a giant gyroscope that wobbles in a cyclic manner lasting about 25,800 years per cycle.   Today we call this "precession of the equinoxes".   The ancient Kelts used it as the rising and setting of the sun at the solstices.   Whether one uses the equinoxes, solstices, risings, or settings, the wobble is the phenomenon that seems to move the sun all the way around the horizon relative to the fixed stars once every 25,800 years.   It is the reason for the astrological ages, like the Piscean Age which began when Yeshua (misnamed "Jesus") was born, or the Aquarian Age which will begin in about 2150 AD.

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In 2007, a book was published regarding the Atlantis mystery based upon facts using a different approach that arrives essentially at the same conclusions as the later 2013 book mentioned above.

It is The Triumph of the Sea Gods by Steven Sora.

Also, in 2013 another book was published, adding insights to the Atlantis mystery as well as the origin of the Celts.

It is The Discovery of Middle Earth by Graham Robb.

Taken together along with current genetic discoveries, the above books solve at least three mysteries regarding the ancients.

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Another book reinforcing those listed above was published in 2013 with more emphasis on the Celts.

It is The Ancient Paths by Graham Robb.